Prof. Dr. M. Ashraf
PhD, DSc University of Liverpool UK
Hilal-i-Imtiaz, Sitara-e-Imtiaz, Pride of performance

ISI-h index:

Research publications:
more than 560

Impact Factor:
More than 660

Science Citation Index:
more than 13,500

Citation Google scholar:

PhD students produced:
72 (32 as a major supervisor + 40 as a co-supervisor or committee member)

Message of Chairman PSF, Prof. Dr. M. Ashraf

At all scales, the role of science and technology in resolving economic, social and environmental problems is crucial. Attainment of scientific knowledge and appropriate technologies is a key to achieve this goal. Moreover, we should use novel and integrated approaches that fully enrich existing and new scientific knowledge. In this connection, universities, research and development institutes and industry can play a leading role tackling all major problems identified so far. Thus, education and scientific research must move in the direction of technology development to integrate new technologies for production and marketing and accelerate the production of all common commodities.

Quality of science and technology community can be gauged by number of universities and R&D institutions, ranking of universities and R&D institutes, quality of PhDs produced, number of research articles in quality research journals, number of citations gained per year, number of patents commercialized, number of international seminars and conferences organized, international honors and awards earned. All these parameters reflect the academic, scientific research and technology status of a country. We need to improve all these parameters to develop science and technology that could effectively solve economical and societal problems. However, Pakistan needs more productive scientists and more people skilled in science and technology in order to compete in the global arena. It is, therefore, apt to initiate programs to attract young people to adopt science as their premier career.

Science and technology community and policy makers do not always assess the major issues and their root causes of public concern. Thus, opportunities must be created for scientists and the general public to exchange views in a two-way dialogue of mutual respect and trust. I will try my level best to develop a strong partnership among academia-industry, public-private sector, and other members of the civil society which are fundamental prerequisites for promoting science in the country.

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