Proposals Selected for Funding under PSF-NSFC Third Call - 10 July 2019

Sr.No Project Title Name, designation, department and organization of PI Chinese PI name and Address
1 Cooperative development of an innovative auto-ID platform for the beetles from China and Pakistan Muhammad Abbas
PMNH, Garden Avenue, Shakarparian, Islamabad.
Ming BAI
Box-92, Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences no. 1, Beichen west road Chaoyang District Beijing P.R. China
2 Integration of ultrasound and nano technology based approaches for enhancing the therapeutic efficacy of prostate cancer Dr. Waheed S. Khan
Nano-Biotechnology Group, NIBGE Jhang road, Faisalabad
Prof. Dr. Zhifeidai
No. 05, Yiheyuan road Haidian District Beijing 100871 china
3 Designing of super molecular nano carriers based chemotherapy to overcome side effects of anti-cancer drugs and improve their efficacy by co-drug delivery enhanced bioavailability Prof. Dr. Muhammad Raza Shah
International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences H.E.J. Research institute of chemistry, University of Karachi
Prof. Dr. Dong-Sheng Guo
College of Chemistry, Nankai University, Tianjain China
4 Molecular mapping and map based cloning of disease resistance genes and developing new disease resistant wheat germ plasm Dr. Awais Rasheed
Department of plant sciences, QAU, Islamabad.
Prof. Xian Chu Xia
Institute of Crop sciences Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Beijing, China
5 Multi-Omics Analysis to investigate Chemotherapeutic Drug resistance associated Biomarkers &Molecular mechanism in Colorectal Cancer Dr. Samina Ejaz
Department of Biochemistry & Bio technology Bagdad Campus Faculty of Science the Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Pakistan
Prof. Dr. Shufang Liang, State key laboratory Biotherapy & Cancer Centre, West China Hospital, Sichuan University No. 17, 3rd section of peoples South road Chengdu.
6 Mining for private/unique genes preserve in rare rapessed (brassica napus)germ plasm regulating drought and salinity tolerance and special seed nutrition quality based on genome structural variation analysis of a core collection Prof. GhulamJilani
Institute of Soil Science PMAS Arid Agricultural University, Rawalpindi
Prof. Lixi Jiang
Department of Agronomy, College Of Agriculture and Bio Technology, ZheJiang University, Hang Zhou, China
7 Sustainable bio energy development in emerging economies under global changes: current practice, prescription, response and management Dr. Muhammad Abid
Assistant Prof, Centre for Climate Research and Development, COMSATS University, Park Road, Islamabad.
Prof. Dr. Shiwei Yu
School of Economic and Management China University of Geo Sciences Wuhan, China
8 Inter-generational epigenetic transmission of staphyiococcusaureus mastitis and functional validation of resistance genes in China & Pakistan dairy cattle Dr. Tahir Usman
College of Veterinary Sciences and Animal Husbandry, Garden Campus, Toru Road , Abdul Wali Khan University, Mardan.
Prof. Yuying
College of Animal Science & Technology, China Agricultural University Number:02 Yuanming Yuan West road, Haidin district Beijing China
9 Revealing mechanistic basis of salt secretion in halopythic grasses to improve salinity stress tolerance in cereal crops Prof. Bilquees Gul
Institute of Sustainable Halophyte Utilization, University Of Karachi.
Prof. Sergey Shabala
Foshan university, Jiangwanyilu no.1, Foshan, China
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