Press Release (Closing of National Science Fair 2016)

National Science Fair concludes with Huge Rush on last day
ISLAMABAD: (December 7, 2016): From onwards National Science Fair willbe a regular feature every year in order to make people aware of developments in the field of science and technology as well as forge cooperation among science and technology institutions, said Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ashraf, Chairman Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF) on Wednesday. He was addressing closing ceremony of National Science Fair 2016 at Pakistan Museum of Natural History (PMNH).

Country Director FAO Mr. Patrick T. Evens, PMNH Director General Dr. M.K. Leghari, Deputy Director General Dr. Muhammad Rafiq, PSF Member Science Dr. Akram Shaikh, heads and representatives of S&T organizations, educational institutions and a large number of students were present at the closing ceremony.
The Chairman said overwhelming response of general public and students to the Science Fair was very encouraging.

He said the Fair attracted huge crowds of general public, especially the students and teachers evinced keen interest in different products displayed at over 147 stalls set up by various public and private sector organizations. He appreciated the participants and organizers of the Fair. The PSF Chairman and other guests also distributed shields among winner stall-holders.
Over 100 organizations participated in the weeklong National Fair organized by PMNH, Pakistan Science Foundation (PSF), Ministry of Science and Technology (S&T).

The theme of the Fair was “Science and Technology: For Better Future”. Different scientific organizations have showcased their scientific work in the exhibition. There are four pavilions including S&T, Schools/Colleges/Universities, Unique Research Projects and Special Attractions for entertainment of the public. The pavilion for special attractions had food court, handicraft stalls, book stalls, nature painting, Lok Virsa theatre, planetarium world, nature products, booth for health check, aquaria, 3-D movies, dinosaurs show, swings for children and robot show etc. PMNH is also remain open entire week for public to see various exhibits including the biggest fish in the world, blue whale, animated dinosaurs, 30 million years old Balochitherium, biodiversity hall, world of birds, world of insects, world of fishes, Marine life, fossils gallery, precious minerals gallery, rock types of Pakistan, cave life, rock garden etc.
The National Science Fair was aimed at creating awareness among the masses about developments in the field of S&T in Pakistan, dissemination of information about research, development, advancement and innovation in science and technology and encouraging education and career development in S&T.

Main activities of the Fair include exhibitions regarding development of S&T, the latest scientific research, Environmental sciences, Science exhibitions by schools, colleges and universities, Displays of new technologies/ innovations Innovative attractions/ amusements through science displays.

All S&T organizations under the Ministry of Science and l Technology, all relevant ministries like Ministry of Education, Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, Ministry of Natural Resources, Ministry of Climate Change, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Culture etc., educational institutions including universities, colleges and schools, Science Societies, NGOs, Media l and Defense organizations, agricultural departments, biodiversity, natural resources, wildlife, fisheries and environment departments, community hygiene and health organizations, Tourism Department, CDA, Firefighting Department, horticulture, handicrafts, OGDCL/ oil exploring companies and Meteorological Department are participating in the National Science Fair.

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